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"Time to check the surf..."

PointBreak Labs was founded by my long-time friend Scott Laing and I (Jim Simcoe) in 2020. Scott and I actually met in 2000 and bonded right away through our mutual love of surfing, fish tacos and getting coffee.

Through the years and through different careers we always talked about starting a company together. Based on our mutual interest in fitness and the outdoors we figured it’d be something in one of those areas.

One thing about us is that we’re great partners because we’re totally different. He’s calm, cool and collected and I’m a little more, ahhh, animated… He likes to hike and camp and I like to play hoop and flag football.

When we both signed up for crossfit seven years ago we were hooked immediately. And the more we did crossfit the more we looked for potential businesses in the world of functional fitness.

And as the Pandemic was starting to ramp up we figured that fitness apps could be a great resource for people working out at home.

Long story short, we bought the company and business took off. We’re honored to work with such great companies like Stand In Pride, Assault Fitness, NCFIT, etc. They make our jobs so fun and rewarding. To be totally honest, I’ve never worked with such inspiring people before - they are truly amazing.

About That Name..

The one thing Scott and I have always had in common is surfing. Whether it’s surfing or going to check the surf it’s something we’ve been doing for 20 years.

Invariably when we have meetings, we go get coffee and check the surf. Or we get fish tacos and check the surf. Or when the weather’s good and time allows we actually go surfing. I’ve probably stared at more waves with Scott than anyone else in my life.

It’s where we get our best business ideas and work out any issues we’re facing. Staring at waves or being in them brings out our creativity and connects us to things we believe in like:

  • Health, wellness and vitality
  • Honoring the outdoors and the ocean
  • Friendship

There are a lot of parallels in surfing and business. To be successful at both you have to problem solve, think on the fly, react quickly and be creative. You need to be hyper aware to new opportunities and surround yourself with the right people.

With that in mind when it came time to re-name the company we thought it’d be cool to make it something personal to us. Something we believed in and something that we thought would look cool on a t-shirt. We love our customers, we love what we do and we love surfing.

And so we named the company PointBreak Labs…

Thanks for checking us out and please get in touch if we can help you in any way.

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